Next event coming up

yehepp, STEIL IST GEIL is over and i am almost done with all boring (but important) work that comes after an event. Write down everything that can get better next year, lists and phone numbers to make everything easier and thousands of other things…the fun parts i did first, upload result lists and photos on the homepage, in a couple of minutes the video is finished (have had major problems with finding music that I am allowed to play, youtube blocked and took away “hymn for the weekend” with coldplay) and then I only have to improve some word documents!

since i see the light in the tunnel i can barely stop myself from putting my teeth in to next project, HEALTHY SNACKS FOR CHILDREN, or in german “Gesunde Zwischenmahlzeiten für Kinder”! Got the opportunity to have a workshop organised by Fea Zermatt, and I am so excited!

Snacks and meals in between the main meals are my favorite and i could preferably eat that instead of lunch and dinner. And if you know how to do snacks healthy and with variation i guess i in one way could…side track…

Anyway, October 5th is the date!!! More info below!

Sign up and come and learn more about the magic world of healthy snacks!!!


Skärmavbild 2016-09-19 kl. 14.41.29.png



Men and their balls

My dear hubbie and i came to discuss above happening and mens non existing embarrassement (manners) when it comes to sticking their hands in their pants…

demian and all men claim that they have to “correct” wrong hanging body parts. We all know this is bullshit…they like touching themselves and whereas girls learn that their sexuality and touching themselves is bad and should be hidden, boys are excused with “boys will be boys”…

Girls would not stick a hand in their pants in public if there were 1000 of lice or the undies extremly uncomfortable…it is NOT NICE MANNERS! 

Now, this is written with a little smiley, but still, a little serious touch…i mean, WTF? Control yourselves! 

Another super enoying bullshit thing that many men do is this: 

This is not only extremly rude towards te woman in the middle, but also one of many ways of “ruling” another person. Signalling I AM BIG, you are small! 

A funny picture below!!! 
Man says: sorry, can you put your legs together a little? 

Woman says: Nope, doesnt work since: 1. I have given birth 2. I have a vagina and i have to let it get air to avoid fungus

(pics stolen from best hejhej vardag)


Picnic time

Sunday and we gathered a whole bunch of kids and went up with the train to riffelalp to play and have picnic! Then we walked all the way to blatten, had ice cream and coffee and used our last energy to catch the bus in the village. Dont know who was most tired, kids or adults..but filippa slept in her own bed until it was light outside this morning..that was very long ago, so she must have slept well…

Beautiful day with good friends! 



I am so extremely proud of being swedish and today it is our nationalday! Yay, congratulations Sweden!!! So what it is that makes me so proud? well, even if the whole world is quite shaky at the moment and we are all struggeling to find a way, I am proud that we are a democratic country that are putting great value in fighting for everyones equality, independent of sex, race, nationality, and everyones right to love whoever they want. I love how we celebrate midsummer and go all in with dance and games. I love how we are social and spontaneous and enjoy our nature (especially in summer). I love how we worship FIKA, fredagsmys and so many other things…

It makes me so happy to see how the nationalday is celebrated more and more in sweden,  because a couple of years ago we didn’t celebrate very much. this is probably because the 6th of june is not a day when we celebrate peace or freedom, we “only” celebrate our flag… Sweden has not been in war since 1809, which is a very long time if you look at most other countries…crazy!

anyway, here are a couple of nice pics from my instagram flow, pic that makes my heart beat a bit faster and make me all warm and sweeeeeedish! Thank you @ebba for the sailing picture, @charlotte for swedish strawberries, @viola for walking in a green light swedish forest, @ann for the house with a swedish flag, @swedishfootball for our national team

here are our celebrations pictures from this evening! We made potatoes, shrimps, and eggs, put our football tshirts on and hurried out in the last evening sun! Now i have been watching the royal family on tv, together with many loved swedish artists, nice!

next nationalday is the swiss, 1st of august! then we have to celebrate switzerland, who might have had peace longer than sweden actually…

over and out


One of the good days

Sorry if i sound negative, but the spring/summer in zermatt has so far been SHIT! rainrainrain, windwindierwindiest, snow and then 10min sun! 

Today we only got a few drops and had a fantastic day with sarah and sophia! 

We walked up to zmutt, had late lunch/dessert and enjoyed the “beautiful weather”. We are not spoiled so i guess normal people dont consider the pictures as being beautiful weather…

Filippa walked almost the whole way and i was very inpressed by her, but almost more impressed with sarahs and my patience of walking slow..MAJJ GADD, that kid finds intresting things every 50cm…

When my patience finally ended i happily discovered that the ergo baby still works. 3 years old, about 100cm tall and almost 17kg..not bad for a baby carrier that we have used since she was new born…

Thanks sarah and sophia! 


45hours away

we happily discovered that we could scrape together (swedish saying) 45hours family time and escaped snowy Zermatt for summer in Mergozzo, Italy!

So after work wednesday we got filippa earlier from Marzipan and took the car 2 hours over the Simplon, pass Domodossola and to Mergozzo! We stayed at Camping Continental, my first camping experience, but maybe it doesn’t count since we lived in an apartment???

It was a fantastic camping, so much better than i could have ever imagined. Really nice restaurants, fantastic coffee (IMPORTANT), the best playground filippa ever been to, clean, safe, FANTASTIC! There was a big pool, with slides, waterfalls, big waves and much more, and then of course the lake.

In the afternoon we went to stresa, beautiful little town by Lago Maggiore. Strolled around, bought the best ice cream i have ever eaten, found nice soaps, olive oil, colored pasta, salami and other italian delicacies.

Demian called me 3 hours before we left wednesday afternoon and said that he thought it would be to stressful to go away for 45hours…i told him we have to try and see if it is worth it…DEAR READERS, it is SO WORTH IT! already the first evening we said that it is worth it! Go, JUST GO!




Summer-spring and then winter again

Weather and emotional chaos the last few days…here a few pics from saturday to monday! 

Saturday started with lazy morning at home. I bought filippa new ipad games from Wonderkind, highly recommended, and she was busy for an hour. Then we went on murmeltier hunt, without success unfortunately. Instead we saw sheep and paragliders!  We caught the bus and went to next adventure. Marzipans amazing Chinderfäscht. All of a sudden it was summer and filippa took a swim in the only “pool” offered in Zermatt. Real tragic, but true…te summer was gone again on sunday but we stayed in summerfeelings and made a really yummi summercake!!! Invited friends for coffee and had a really nice afternoon. 

Monday morning and we wake up to this: 

II get SO ANGRY, and it really burns i  my heart when nature fools me like this. I curse that i live in a place where this will basically always happen in may. Going from summer to winter in two days i something that is “normal” in the alps. But i HATE IT! Luckily we had fun plans for the afternoon. After work and marzipan we went down to brig to get opas new cat! Dont have a pic yet, but it is very cute! 

Over and out